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Chemical Foam Grouting

Chemical Grout Foam is a hydrophilic liquid similar in viscosity to medium weight motor oil. The grout can be injected directly into a leaking crack, fracture, hole or joint. After injection, grout will foam to expand and fill the void forming a tight, impermeable, elastomeric gasket or seal. Properly applied, the grout adheres to the surface area and forms a flexible, tough, rubbery gasket that immediately stops the water.

Chemical Grout Foam cures to form a three-way seal in a leaking crack, fracture or hole. First, it forms a chemical bond to the surface area. Secondly, it forms a mechanical anchor into the pores of the surface area. And thirdly, through expansion a compression seal is formed within the crack, fracture or hole.

In its cured state, Chemical Grout Foam is very low in toxicity, is non-corrosive, and has EPA approval for contact with potable water. It also has excellent adhesion to most surfaces including concrete, clay tile pipe, mortar and brick. In addition, Chemical Grout Foam is resistant to most organic solvents, mild acids and alkali.

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Foundation Water Control Drainage System
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  • Accelerator-is a catalyst for Chemical Grout Foam. It reduces the curing time so the foam will set up faster at any temperature. With the Accelerator repairs are quicker and production time is decreased.
  • Cleaner-is used to dissolve and remove partially or fully cured Foam from application components.