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Brick Facade/Balcony Stabilization Repairs Using Advanced Engineered Polymer Systems
We offer a cost effective solution to the Building Facade Liabilities:

  • Loosened brick
  • Large scale, brick wall failure due to loss of bond to interior wall
  • Spalling/leaking balcony decks

We offer a proven approach for building facade problems unique to buildings in the New York/New Jersey area. Please allow us a moment of your time to introduce our team approach, which provides your firm with the following advantages:

  • Single Source Responsibility for design and construction of facade repairs.
  • Materials Engineering capabilities to provide savings with stat-of-the-art products, versus outdated, conventional removal-and-replacement repair systems.
  • Results on Your Schedule – The turnkey approach minimizes wasted time, as firms work together with a common objective.
  • Prequalified Contractors minimize inspection costs during constructions, versus inspections necessary with lower price contractors.
  • Value Engineering, combined with structural analysis capabilities to minimize project costs while ensuring safe results.