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SsesCo, Incorporated is unique in that we offer extensive experience with specialty polymers, applications expertise and a team approach, using consultants from the private sector and prestigious universities to provide engineering knowledge when cost effective, for performing the repairs shown below. We are solely responsible for the success of our repair systems and demonstrate the cost effectiveness of them to our clients over conventional repair options. Our engineered approach with more complex projects has been the reason why we have been successful for the past 28 years and have been ranked in the Top 60 Specialty Contractors in the Tri-State Area, by New York Construction News .

Engineered Chemical Grouting for flexible polymer applications with the following Water Leakage Problems:

  • Moving, leaking cracks or expansion joints in concrete structures, foundations, tunnels, manholes/vaults, parking decks, etc.
  • Leaking pipeline joints in large diameter pipe or pipe intrusions through walls
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Chemical Grouting for Concrete Slab Settlement Void Problems:

  • Stabilizing uneven floor joints in settled roadways or floor slabs
  • Stabilizing settled machine foundation bases or loading dock slabs
  • Filling voids or sinkholes under roadway slabs or buildings
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Low-Density Cellular Concrete and Cement Grouting

  • Fill voids within silos, abandoned mines, underground tanks and pipelines
  • Backfill (annular grout) for tunnels, water lines and sewers
  • Provides shock absorption in earthquake zones
  • Slope stability, pipeline contact grouting and other specialized repairs
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