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SsesCo, Inc. can solve your waterproofing and soil consolidation problems…

  • Foundation Cracks
    A unique three-way seal is formed which resists parallel cracking when cracks are subjected to additional movement.
  • Bridges
    Bonding delaminations between concrete and steel in floor slabs. Structural repair to concrete bridges, columns, etc.
  • Pipe intrusions
    Leakage often occurs where a pipe comes through a wall and the concrete will not bond to the pipe.
  • Tunnel Cracks
    Leaks in below grade, auto and subway tunnels.
  • Earthen Dams
    Leakage through, around or under the clay core of an earthen dam.
  • Shafts/Pits
    Leaking building elevator shafts, pits, along with mine elevator and air shafts.
  • Conduit Leaks
    Into electrical buildings, vaults, manholes, etc.
  • Annular Spaces
    Sliplined pipe or other conduits.
  • Caissons
    Leakage through caissons.
  • Concrete Tanks
    Water, sewer, etc.
  • Waterproofing Panels
    Joints behind various building materials.
  • Large and Small Diameter Pipes
    Leakage in manholes, sewer pipelines 6” or larger, storm drains, conduits, box culverts, drain basins, etc. The tough flexible grout has properties which enable it to stretch, twist and compress with shifting ground or other forces for an extremely effective and durable seal.
  • Tie-Back Anchors
    Consolidation of the soil around the anchors.
  • Slopes
    Assists in geotechnical erosion and dust control.
  • Sea Walls
    Consolidation of earthen berms behind sea walls. In addition, soils or rock under the sea wall can be treated or a “grout curtain” can be formed to assist in the prevention of water flow under and around the sea wall.
  • Large Concrete Structures
    Joints and cracks in dams or bedrock to help prevent water flow through, around or under the dams or other large concrete structures.
  • More About Chemical Grouting
      • Foam
      • Applications

    Foundation Water Control Drainage System
      • Drainage System

    Below-Grade Construction and Expansion Joints
    Leaks in foundation joints in submersed or sufficiently moist applications.